Ditching prom! Thoughts?

Me, my best friend, her boyfriend, my boyfriend's friend and his girl friend are all thinking about ditching prom to ride roller costers at sixflags! I asked my boy friend if he would like to come and I think he likes the idea too but I think he might have been secretly looking forward to prom. I just up the idea to him today and he said he would but he is so nice that he'll do anything I might enjoy more and I don't really want to go to prom. Your thoughts?


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  • Are you kidding? You can go to Six Flags any time, including the day after. I didn't want to go to prom either, but I say go for the experience. You will literally not have another chance to do this, and ditching it for something as mundane as Six Flags seems unnecessary and silly to me (especially when, as I said, you can do it the next day - most couples go away for the weekend after prom anyway).

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