Asking Your guy "Friend" To Prom?

so Mormom Prom is coming up and I wanted to know if it would be awkward to ask a friend. Say I ask someone I like (and he knows I like him) to prom but we've only known each other for a week (i've had a crush on him for ages) would that be weird..especially if he's not a mormon? I wouldn't be asking as a date thing but more of a friendly get together plus he knows a lot of my mormon friends so he wouldn't be excluded.


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  • Go for it. When there was talk about having a prom at my school I thought about asking the girl that I was friends to the prom and I had a crush on her,but I didn't ask her because my school wouldn't allow having a prom. Eventually I'm going to tell her that I thought about taking her to the prom if there was one. I'm pissed that there wasn't a prom. It would have been a great memory if there was a prom and if she had agreed to go with me. You might regret not asking him in the future.


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