If you are liked by multiple people?

If you are liked by multiple people, and you like the people to how does one say no to one or the other without breaking their heart?


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  • It's not necessarily a matter of breaking hearts but of not giving the wrong impression to people. It's important to be clear at the start that you are not exclusive with these people. This way they don't grow too attached to you. When you start thinking that you're growing attached to one person over another you have "the talk" and determine if you're both on the same path in the relationship/association.

    • I like this answer, thank you :)

    • No problem. It's something a friend advised me last year. I try to make sure I'm not sending incorrect signals to people. It's a lot harder than it sounds sometimes because you're attracted to a person's personality sometimes, but not for dating purposes. Sigh!

      Thanks for the "BA". :-)

    • It was a really well written answer, so I gave it a BA :)

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  • Just be honest but in a polite way. There are many ways of telling a person it's a no go without being harsh. If I were on the receiving end I would rather be told straight that a person wasn't interested rather then kept guessing :)

  • i have a name for being a slut so I just go with them all x


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  • If I was ever to be asked by my top 5 girls here to choose only one to be with, I would know who I am. Till that day I can only dream of all of them because that miracle choice won't happen. But to give you an easier selection process which of the following five would you pick, if you were me:

    1) The pretiest girl EVER to walk the earth, alive today

    2) The closest one to perfection (balance between the mind, body, heart, soul, spirit, and nature)

    3) Most unique minded, cute little energetic angel

    4) The healer, the solver of problems, the first of her kind to show real friendship after rejection

    5) The first girl you ever really liked and who's nostalgia is still eating you

    I said that miracle choice will not come and I don't stand a chance in hell with any of them holding my hand like I was her boyfriend.

  • That's a tough one, I don't think that's really possible though, not breaking one of their hearts.

    I would try to be honest and tell who ever I'm not going to be with that X is the situation and Y is my decision and that it's nothing to do with them and if they were the only one in my life that I'd be with them without a second thought but that they need to put themselves in my shoes and see how difficult it is.