Does texting as primary communication make dating easier or more difficult?

Texting has basically replaced the telephone as the primary means of communication between dating couples. In your opinion, does this make the process easier or more difficult than before? In my opinion it makes it more difficult because it make it harder for me to take the other person seriously or to trust them. What's your opinion on the matter?


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  • I think texting is an effective tool for being able to contact someone when you can't talk, but I don't think it should by any means replace talking. Texting is flawed in that you can't hear the inflection behind the words that you're reading. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings. I think far too many couples use texting for their serious conversations because they have the luxury of being able to compose and recompose what they need to say before sending it along the way. I feel like this constant rewriting and rewording is inauthentic. A pause in a conversation either in person or over the phone can do the same job and you remove a lot of ambiguity from the situation.

  • I think initially it can be very good to get a relationship off the ground when one or both parties are shy. It makes talking to someone a lot easier and once you get to know them more, when talking on the phone or in person it can help the conversation flow a lot easier. On the other hand, if the relationship doesn't progress to freely talking but still talking freely over messaging and texting, it can also be harmful to a relationship. I also agree with what justathought191 said as later on in a relationship, it can cause arguments as you read text and interpret it as you see fit which can open up a whole can of worms.


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