What does it mean if a guy invites you to his place?

At night but you guys don't have sex, just play games and sleep.


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  • that he's gay? just kidding.

    it really depends on the nature of your relationship. but I do think most normal red blooded males would NOT invite a female over for this reason unless maybe you are making out and fooling around just not f***ing. If he does this he probably isn't attracted to you though. I mean I just find the situation a bit odd for a red blooded male to do, unless he is lacking courage, not attracted to you, not attracted to females in general.

    • lol no we have had sex before..lol like 3 days ago actaully.

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    • that is odd...maybe he just want to be FWB then but he actually likes doing random activities with you.

    • how odd :(

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  • haha maybe he needs time to recharge lol.. some times if a guy has sex to much he will not be in the mood.. so wait like a day or two..

    • its not like a everyday thing though..

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    • Lol yeah but I doubt that.

    • well would you even he wanted to

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  • maybe he respects you.

    or you may sleep around a lot

    if you offered it, its odd that he would turn it down

    • yeah I've been going over and having sex with him. That's why it was odd we didn't this time..

    • maybe he doesn't just want sex with you, but wants to spend time with the girl he likes