Guys, do you like receiving a 'Get Well' text?

This man I like is sick with a chest cold and he is losing his voice. I spoke to him in person today and I told him that I hope he feels better. He told me that he has the day off tomorrow so he'll be going to see the doctor. I won't see him for a week, so I was wondering if it would be okay to send him a 'Get Well' text just to show him that I care about him. Is that a good idea? Yes or no? If yes, what is something cute I could say? I'm going to text him tomorrow to check on him.


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  • Of course.

  • Anytime a girl shows concern is great.

    You should send him a simple text tomorrow of "Hope you feel better" and follow it up a couple days later with a "How are you feeling?" just to remind him of you and show that you are thinking of him.

    That's what I would like at least.

    • Ok, I will do that. Thanks! :)

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