Need help with ideas please? About prom date and her not being able to go?

So, this girl that I am dating mom would not let her go with me to prom. We live long distance (three hours), and this girl is crushed. Now this makes me upset because I would steal the sun from the sky for her, and now I feel powerless to do anything.

My question is ideas for what to do. I was thinking about taking prom to her. Just us two dressed up in our prom getup. We go somewhere (park under the stars maybe). Ipod plays songs for us. Once we are done we go on a date, or maybe just stargazing. Do you all think this is a good idea? Any suggestions for if we do do this. Song ideas too (she likes country, 90's rock, and a little 80s in that order). I just need help to make this a amazing night for her.


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  • I think this is the most romantic thing I've ever heard :) :) :) I actually gave similar advice to someone a while back. Yes, definitely bring the prom to her. Make a dinner date, and take her to a park or wherever, playing music you both like, and remember that the more surprised she is, the better :) Maybe have a friend set up some twinkle lights in the park, find out from her what her ideal prom dress would be, conspire to have her friend sneak it out of her room while you're at dinner... and then ask her to the prom while you're at dinner and watch her get all confused ;)

    For music:

    Taylor Swift (only if she likes her, some people do, some hate her.)

    Tommy Shane Steiner (not very famous, but I think it's the best country music ever! Listen to "What we're gonna do about it" on

    check out this site for 90's stuff


    Also add a few songs you like, and some easy songs to slow dance to. (You and me by Lifehouse is my favorite ever in the world. I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womak is good too.)

    and the Beatles. Always.

    Good luck!


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  • Oh my God. You are so sweet! I'm sure that she'd love that, very much. (:


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