First date in a week... why am I having doubts?

Okay so, I'm a 19 year-old guy. Five months ago, my girlfriend broke up with me and I had a very very hard time getting over it. She was my first real love and I thought it would last forever.

Since then, I've been wanting to find another relationship because when I'm not around girls I feel like my life is pointless lol. There was this girl in my bus that I saw every day. I was fascinated by her because her behavior was so cute and she seemed so shy and that really makes me melt.

One day, I finally talked to her and it was great. We talked for like one hour and I was so happy because she seemed my type. Since then, we have talked on msn and I have even asked her out on a date for next week, but I am having doubts.

I was like almost 'chasing' her for one month and was really happy when we talked and when she accepted to see me on a date, but now I feel weird. I don't know this girl, she is from a totally different culture and sometimes I feel like we don't have a lot in common. I can't understand why I am reacting like that... I know it's just a date and I have nothing to lose but I mean I wanted to date her so bad and since she said yes it's like I'm not sure what I want.


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  • maybe you are not really ready to start dating again. just a thought. it takes a long time to get over people that we really care about. you could always just enjoy single life for your priorities.

    • Thank you. But I hate single life lol

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  • Just go out with her is not like you are going to marry her. Only for a while and have some fun. Then just get in the friend zone.