What should I do? Help me!!

I met this really cute guy last night and we got on really well and we exchanged numbers, and this morning I thought Id message him saying that I had a good time last night.. he replied but then I replied to his reply and then nothing.. Am I worrying to much? Will he stay in touch? Helpp


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  • Haha you sound like most guys. Take it easy and breathe. He could have gotten caught up in something, he could have gone to class, he could have gone to work, he could have glanced at your message and decided to wait to reply back to you because he did not want to come off as being too into you, he could have forgotten to text back...there are some many reasons as to why he didn't text back. Give him some space, a day or two. If you don't hear from him, shoot him a text saying hey, what's up.


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