A girl likes me when she's going out with someone?

she's my best friend and we've known each other for a good time. she told me that she really likes me. I really like her too but I'm not she if I like her or love her. we tell each other everything and we are there for each other when we need the help. she told her boyfriend that she likes me and now he doesn't like me and he's super jealous of me. I told her why don't you break up him and go out with me. she told she doesn't want to cause she's going to miss him. I don't think her boyfriend cares about her because he flits with others girls and when he's with his friends they tell him look your girlfriend is coming and he says I don't care every time. one time he was taking to his friend(girl) and he look at her and looked away then looked and said just hey and keeps talking to his friend. she even told me that she wants to kiss me.


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  • She can't have her cake and eat it too. She has to decide. if she wants you, she should be with you. You need to tell her that you're not into games, and that you'll do everything that you can to make a happy relationship. If she doesn't want to gamble on you, it's time for you to walk away.

    • i can't walk away that's the thing I tried already but I keep liking her and I have a class with her and she sits next to me

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    • You have to force yourself to because it will be better for you. If you continue to pursue a girl that you can't have, you won't feel good about yourself.

    • ok I understand

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