Internet dating... Why does it get so serious so quickly?

My sister has been Internet dating for a few months- only this past week she met a new man- they haven't met yet and won't be able to meet until August at the earliest, but they are already talking about marriage and kids. She says a lot of other guys on Internet dating sites talk like this.

Why are people who seem completely normal otherwise get so serious so quickly when they hadn't even met?


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  • she must have some secret to getting guys to commit like that, because I can't get past 2 dates.

    • She's not met them though! That's what blows my mind! Are these guys just blowing smoke?

      As far as I know it's never gone this far(in the talking I mean)

      I mean they are talking of marriage but haven't met!

    • Well you might tell her to be really careful. Obviously these guys are up to something. Yoiu never know with people on the internet, what scammers are out there. Maybe they are men that need to get married for Visa clearance from another country or something like that? I don't know what would be going on if they are in the states, I'm assuming she is in the US. just tell her to careful!

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  • people just talk about it to make sure that the other person has the same expectations from life. just trying to find things in common, ans sometimes it means nothing.

  • because when they resort to internet dating I feel like they are trying to find that person and ready for that even though they just met the person

    • Like he and I guess secretly my sister- really do just wanna find someone to get married to and have kids with?

    • yeah kind of