What's the right balance for getting a girl to want you?

I actually would rather have guys answer this because girls seem to say one thing and then respond in real life to another. Basically there's a girl I used to be semi-friends with and I always felt that we were close to something, but it never happened. Anyway, we don't see each other around as much as we used to because of different schedules and because of college breaks that pretty much destroyed all the momentum we had going.

Anyway, I pretty much hadn't talked to her in a few months, though occasionally I'd run into her and she'd nod or ignore me and I'd do the same. But then recently me and a friend ran into her and a friend and we had like a 10 minute conversation with me and friend joking around and I teased her, too, even though at first she resolutely would only look at my friend and not me. She used to love it when I teased her. Then I went my own ways.

Anyway, what's the right balance of attention to give her? Before I gave her attention, though not too much, I thought just the right amount because she used to seek me out. But it ended up not getting me anywhere romantically (there's a long backstory to this, but long story short she confused the hell out of me).

But I also don't want to be just a guy she occasionally has conversations with because then I'll be stuck seen that way, too, even though this way seems to be the route to go from reading up on this stuff.

She's talking to this other guy now, but this guy, as far as I know, doesn't seem like he's really flirting with her. Me and her used to flirt. But if the guy's giving her attention, I assume he's got the edge (even though it didn't help me before by giving her attention).


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  • Hard to say. I mean as far as broads go, I've little experience and less f***s to give. As far as day to day life go, it's just sort of something that comes. Indifference that is. Some days I simply couldn't be bothered to get out of bed.

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