Is it OK to thank your date 5 days after he hasn't called?

so I've been talking to this guy for a while and getting to know him (we met online) we both decided to meet up and go on a date last Saturday..he lives an hr away and drove up here and we both went bowling (he paid for everything) and everything was going well so we played another round and then he asked me if I wanted dinner. we decided on fast food since there was a long wait and he had to leave afterward. I haven't heard from him at all since, and I know the date went pretty well...i texted him today thanking him for the date and how I had a great time but that's it. I know he is pretty busy during the week but he usually calls or texts and I don't want to come off desperate. is he just over it?


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  • He's not interested. If he was then he would be making effort to schedule another.

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