What should I do about these guys?

Alrighty so here is the situation. I have two different guys on my mind right now. Guy one is a flirty guy normally, but lately he has been giving very mixed signals. for example, Monday he would ask very personal and "inappropriate" questions, and Tuesday through Thursday he was talking to me as little as possible. Guy 2 is somebody that I find extremely attractive, (always a plus) but has two personalities. One of his personalities is a bit obnoxious but usually funny. This personality is used around most other people. The other personality is extremely sweet and caring, and very logical. He usually uses this one when we are on our own.

So now getting down to it, I couldn't figure out what to do, so last night I texted guy 2 and asked him for advice without using names. He suggested I talk to person 2 about it and for person one I should figure out what brings out his flirty side.

Today at school, I was going to tell guy 2 that I liked him but never got the chance. However, I think he understood that I was talking about him because he kept looking at me expectantly and tried to be much less obnoxious today. We share the same group of friends so if something bad happened between us it would affect the whole group.

So the final questions are:

Should I ask guy 2 out?

What should I do about guy 1?

Should I do anything at all?

Thanks a bunch for reading my super long explanation. :)


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  • Guy one is a player who just wants to hit. so don't do anything. don't answer his personal inappropriate questions and just brush him off

    Get to know guy 2 and get to know him better. don't ask him out. he knows you like him and he'll ask you out if he really wants to and feels ready.