Guys would you sacrifice getting in trouble at work for just any girl?

i was texting a guy about some sh*t that was going on with me and my dad the other morning and I sent a bunch of texts explaining what was happening and he's in the marines and was working while we were texting and after I sent him the messages explaining..instead of texting back he called me and said he was calling cause he cares and that he can't talk for long cause he's not supposed to be on the phone while on duty but he told me what he needed to tell me in regards to my situation and then he had to go quickly...but I was surprised he called me...he could have gotten in lots of trouble for that

would a guy do something like that for just any girl?


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  • No, only to girls who are VERY close friends or those he was interested in romantically.


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  • if she is a good friend or more.. yes


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  • You're kinda selfish for putting him in that position.

    I also think you already know the answer to this and you just want a bunch of people to repeat it.

    • i am not selfish for talking to him about something he asked me about.

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    • yeah well my as of today boyfriend obviously didn't care and he wanted me to tell him for all you know I could have told him it can wait but he kept asking tyvm

    • I still think it was selfish and self centered.