So much bad luck with guys?

i keep striking out with the guys I meet. they all end up going back to exes, meeting other people or completely vanishing and never getting back to me. I try to be nice, non-clingy and stay true to myself as much as possible. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. should I call it quits for a while?


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  • It might help to talk with a close friend who has been successful in dating and see if they can help you find out what, if anything, you are doing wrong. You can't control if a guy goes back to an ex or not. If you think you need to take a break from dating for a while, then you probably should. It's never a bad thing to step back and analyze.

    Be nice, but not too nice. Be confident, but not arrogant (Do NOT play hard-to-get). Tell a guy enough about yourself that you leave him wanting to know more. Show interest in him. Find out what he likes to do and join him. Invite him to join in on what you like to do, too.


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  • U sound great to me I can never find a decent girl I'm nice to them and they hurt me and I'm about to give up as well

  • Don't be too nice. Guys like challenges, try playing a little hard to get.


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