How do I not let fear ruin things?

I seem to have nothing, but slips of the tongue when I'm talking to a certain guy. I asked a guy for a man's perspective on an issue. He answered, then I jokingly asked him why he never uses my name when he talks to me. He replies back "Ehh lol", so I say " Its fine, you'll be saying it later. " I immediately apologize and tell him I didn't mean it, and thank him for his help and that I gotta go. He send me a reply that says "Sheesh lol".

To my knowledge sheesh means some form of exasperation. I'm embarrassed by what I said, and now I feel like I've annoyed him. Am I just over analyzing here?


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  • I know exactly what you mean, I have those slips all the time. XD He sounds like he was just poking fun at you though, so I don't think he was actually offended/annoyed. He could probably tell you were embarrassed and was trying to get you to loosen up. :) It's okay to laugh at yourself!