How to handle a extremely beautiful girlfriend? Tips please

She's the best thing which could ever happened to me.

i feel really uncomfortable with her as am a average looking guy and she's pretiest.

She says looks doesn't really matters for her the only thing which she bothers about, how much I care for her ?

But still I feel dumb,

What should I do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Be proud she's yours and work it, boo. She likes YOU. Other guys would be jealous so focus on that, you are probably and awesome guy so don't sell yourself short. Girls don't care if they see a guy more attractive than you if they're with you... she's with you so be happy :)

    • Thank you so much ^_^

    • It's the truth. I usually date average looking guys but I am I suppose considered "pretty" and when other guys check me out or hit on me I don't go to them thinking yeah he's hot, I'm more so just happy and flattered for myself. I also want my boyfriend to be proud of me/show me off which is why its even more flattering. It would never make me like him less. If a girl likes a guy, usually she likes him and that's that. Nothing to be insecure about! :D

    • WOW!

      I like the way you think (:

What Guys Said 1

  • relax and think less. been there. putting too much thought into this is only gonna make things complicated. stop thinking and enjoy the time you two have together!