What's the matter with him?

i recently met a guy on the net and we kept talking on Skype (mostly sex talk) and he has a house in cyprus (I live in lebanon) and we agreed that we would see each other this summer... like Monday he told me that our talks didn't turn him on as much as before so he didn't talk to me as often... Monday we wanted to cam on Skype but when I could cam, he was off but he came back after and didn't talk to me... same Wednesday and Thursday I asked him first if he wanted to cam he said that he couldn't and when I said good night and stuff he didn't answer... what's the matter with him? does that mean we won't see each other anymore?


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  • Maybe he got what he want from you and then get bored. Be iza inte bnt lbneniye ma t5afe btle2e 3ashra 8ayro kl lshabeb llbneniye 3m bfatsho 3ala banet :p

  • Just dump the guy. He was only ever interested in one thing, and he got it from you.


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