Going to get my first kiss at some point tomorrow! Tips!

So tomorrow I am going to get my first kiss ever (I just know it).

I know it's suppose to be spontaneous, but if you were going to go ice skating with a girl on a date, at what point would you kiss her? I'm not sure if I should trust movies where at the end they kiss at her door or something? hahaha!

Also I have never kissed a guy ever, but he has kissed a lot already! What are signs that he will kiss me and what should I do? O.O


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  • I would do it out on the ice. He'll bring you close, probably look into your eyes for a bit to gauge your willingness. Put your arms around his head or shoulders and he will know he has the green light. He's more experienced so let him take the lead. I'm guessing you don't want any tongue involved yet, so just keep your lips together.

    • thanks! helpful :D

    • No problem. Hope it's enjoyable and memorable for you. Can't really say the same about my first kiss :/

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  • Dont start out with a make out sesh. You aren't experienced enough to handle tongue right off the bat. Is your date aware of your NBK predicament? The goal of a kiss is to make him Want 30 more just like it, and he will probably tell his friends all about your date, so it's better to be controlled than all over his face. Make your first kiss sweet, more of a pressing your lips against his. Practice on your fingers, pressing just enough to push the pads down, but not so much that your fingers hurt. When kissing, do not :

    -Touch his teeth if you Can avoid it

    - force your tongue in his mouth immediately

    - kiss with your eyes open ( it's creepy for him if he opens his eyes as well as a mood killer

    - allow him to take you past second.

    -cringe outwardly if he feels you up and it hurts.

    -let your mouth get too dry ( have beverage on hand)

    - breath with your mout

    - breathe during the kiss at all.

    - worry about tongue action

    - get the area around his mouth too wet

    -try anything too complex

    - lick his lips

    -wear lipgloss/ stick/balm during the kiss ... If anything, use à stain

    - make the whole date nothing but kissing, you want something decent to report

    It's OK TO:

    - use a little tongue.. Just the tip

    -massage his tongue with yours

    - keep a slow pace, it's more romantic anyway

    - let him lead you, he SHOULD know what he's doing

    - stop. It will make him want you more

    - exfoliate/ lightly moisturize your lips before hand

    - kiss him a few times with out tongue first, just to get used to it.

    - go in for a closed lip kiss, then open your mouth just enough to fit your tongue tip through

    -suck a little on his bottom lip

    Guys tell me I'm a good kisser all the time, and I've kissed quite a few, but It took me several tries to master the art. Don't make the mistakes I did at first and assume that he's going to make the kiss amazing. That's all up to you. Also, the date shouldn't consist of kissing alone, he's going out with more than your lips and you are worth it. Kissing should take up a max of 15% of the date.