You guys like each other. She wants to 'talk' to you alone. When, would you feel most comfortable doing that

Things are confusing between you & a person you may like, She wants to talk to you alone. To clear things up.

Would you feel more comfortable if

A) she set a date a month in advance,you guys could meet up, & talk.

B) She set a day in the next week, you guys could met up & talk.

C) 'Other' please explain.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't see the need for all the planning and anticipation. Go for a walk, find a quite place like a park bench away from the crowd and sit down together talk and say what you want to say. Face it sooner rather than latter. If he's busy at the moment, maybe in a few days he will take a walk with you at the beach or something.

    • wel, ideally yes. but we have cnflicting schedules, & its rare were boh randomly free at the same time. I can manipulate my schedule, bit, if I know in advance, but I don't have time to just try & see. also he's a bit suspicious of me, because I've been pre occupied with work & he thinks I'm ignoring him.

      i just want to set it up so that the time inbetween when were not around each other, we both know everythings OK. we were talking every day, & now I'm not going to be around day time.

What Girls Said 1

  • If things are confusing wouldn't you want it out on the table as soon as possible? I don't see why you would want to wait a whole month to figure it out. The time delay just makes it seem like it would make whatever it was worse.

    • i don't like feeling like I'm pressuring someone. I feel more comfortable, if they feel they have space. I also like time to organize my thoughts, & some time for things to just not be an issue. its just how I think. that's why I'm asking. ;-)

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