Can you like two guys at the same time?

so me and my boyfriend of 2 years and 7 months have been off and on for that duration of the time together. we only broke up 2 times but it was a long brake up one was for 8 months and the 2nd recent one was for 3 months. so the first year me and him were together things were good but then after the first brake up things went wrong. after we would get back together he would be good for 2 months then fall back into old patterns. these patterns were like lost of interest in me and ignored me always seemed annoyed with me no kissing me just to kiss unless we were doing something freaky and didn't hold my hand in public no i love you no anything. I basically felt like I was the only one loving him in the relationship and no getting anything in return. we didn't communicate or talk about things it was really bad but through out I all I stuck it out even though he would leave and hurt me he would always come back but he messed with my heart out when we weren't together and I still loved him and did my job as a girlfriend by being faithful etc. anyways I don't know how but I ended up getting the balls to address everything that I wasn't happy about. he took things to the limit and decided to push me away so I broke up with him cause I wasn't going to be with someone who didn't want me. so we were broken up for 3 months and in those 3 months I meet someone else. I wasn't planning on it but he came to me. anyways this guy is completely different and the opposite of my man. and I've grown to really like him and I thought there could potentially be with him. anyways my boyfriend(gabe) basically changed a 360 on me and has been proving it and all that for 3 months while the break up I told him I needed time to see if I wanted to be with him again. so now there's the guy that hurt me but has changed completely for the better and I still love and there's the new guy that I really like. in those 3 months I know it sounds really bad but I dated both of them I wanted to see which one I would be more happy with and the new guy seemed like the guy I was gonna go with. but then there was a night with my ex that made me realize I didn't wanna loose him and its like for the moment I didn't think about the new guy. so we got back together on that night and all was great. I ended up letting the other guy go sadly. but here's the thing I love my boyfriend because of everything that we have been through and for who he has become now. the only thing is that ii Haven't stopped thinking about the other guy and all the good times we had in those about 3 recently the new guy has been texting me and we have been flirting and all my feelings are all over the place. when I think about my boyfriend I think that everything is in favor of him right now I love his family completely and my family loves him and he has changed and I wouldn't wanna hurt him for the other guy but I can't stop thinking about the new guy there's differently strong feelings. is it possible to love a guy and like another guy?


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  • Always go for the second guy because if you were truly in love with the first you wouldn't have fallen for the second.

    I'm not trying to dilute your feelings or confusion. You put a lot of effort into explaining this properly so I know you want a real answer.

    The first guy hurt you a number of times and just like you stated before he's looked as though he changed but has fallen back into his old habits. I've gone through a situation very similar to yours. It was a constant yo-yo of emotions and was extremely difficult for me to handle.

    When we were on a break I got together with my best friend that I had feelings for from the last 3 years. He actually fell for me first. I ended up leaving him that for a horrible mess of a relationship with the first guy and it was the same as it always was. I ended it on my own terms. I cried for days and then decided to be single for a while. Then after almost a year of not talking I started talking to the second guy again.

    We're dating now, Dan and I. He truly makes me the happiest I've been in years.

    I hope you can find that as well. I hope you can learn from my sorrows and my success. I also hope that all ends well and your heart stays full.

    • @FASTERonfire - youh were truly a big help all I've been thinking about is what youve told me and to be honest I've asked many people what they think I should do no one has helped me like you just helped me. you left me thinking-if I really loved gabe the guys I've been with for almost 3 years then I wouldn't of fell for someone else and your completely right and I can't control my feelings like I can't stop thinking about the other guy and I'm curious to see where that would go.

    • It's no problem. I really wish I had GAG to turn to when I was going through it all myself. I found everyone tended to tell me what I wanted to hear when there were a lot of feelings left unattended to. I really how things work out for you.

      P.S. Thanks for BA :)

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