Mucical PROM proposal help needed.

If you've answered or even read some of my questions for the past few months that I've been a user here on GAG, you'd know that I'm a very musical guy. This time; however, my question is more important. Prom is coming up and I need a date. I'm going to ask a girl whom I've had chemistry with for a long time.

This is where I'm having my dilemma. Being the musically inclined guy that I am, I'm going to ask her through song. I have it all planned out and everything, except for one vital piece of the plan, which is what song I'm going to use. I should have though of this sooner, I know, but I didn't.

That's where you guys come in. WHAT SONG SHOULD I USE TO ASK MY DATE TO PROM?


Wow title fail.


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  • First off are you just singing it to her or are you playing guitar and singing?

    • It's either going to be me playing guitar and singing or my band playing with me on vocals.

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    • Perfect. Thanks.

    • tell me how it goes! :)

  • Um why don't you just ask her to a simple melody? Or you could right a song but defo don't involve your band its a very personal moment


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