So, I told this guy , he should come for a walk with me & he said 'why'--Then said he wanted to 'stay here.

i said because I have to check my email.

then he said . "But I want to stay _here_"

i don't see why he'd bother asking me 'why' id he already know he wouldnt.

Weve been talking each day for an hour or two, at a mutual hang out. I dot see why he can't walk somewhere for ten minutes, when we talk for mich longer anyways.

im not sure if my saying I wanted to check my email, gave him the wrong idea, but now, I don't want to ask again, because he already sort of blew me off.

but I hate sitting inside during the day, when I've got an ounce of free time.

Also. I went for a walk with him, to pick something up. 2 weeks ago.

So, dk, what would you do.


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  • I don't understand xD

    • ok I'm Me. you're 'Ted'

      (@ cafe, ted is sitting there waiting for me to come sit with him. its what we do , before work on wek days)

      Me (smiling)- ted you should come with me for a walk.

      Ted- Why? (smiling)

      Me- because I want to go for a walk and I have to check my email, at the library.

      Ted- But.. I want to stay _here_.

      Why didn't just say no, in the first place. What was he expecting me to say. Come look- there's p*rn stars lining the sidewalk.

      Also, I want to talk to him 'alone'. Once.

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    • and I'm saying he didn't shoot you down, he didn't want to go to the library and check you email. That is all you really know.

    • oh I see what you mean, OK, thanks.

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  • Stop over thinking it. He didn't feel like going for a walk. That's it.

    • the question was, why didn't he just say that.

      theres over thinking, & then there's not thinking.