How should I message her?

Recently I saw my old high school crush on FB. I decided to send her a friend request. She accepted, but honestly who doesn't accept on FB?

I still like her a lot, but a lot has changed since high school. We never talked in high school, but had class together. She was in a relationship during high school anyway but is single again. What should I do.

Should I message her? If I do what should I say? This is so frustrating. I am a lot more confident than I was in high school, but this is bothering me.


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  • Ask her how she has been, just start things out with casual conversation

  • Just start out by asking her how she is and how things are going for her.

    • I guess that would work. Its just that we never talked, so its feels weird all of sudden messaging her.

    • If you want to try talking to her you have to start somewhere.

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