I'm currently in a relationship but I'm still in love with my ex? What should I do?

I was in a year and a half relationship with my ex. We broke up about 10 months ago and I'm still in love with him. I recently got into a new relationship about a month ago with someone else. I don't believe it's unfair for my new boyfriend because I am in a relationship with him because I do have feelings for him. Nor do I believe he is a rebound; seeing that I've waited almost a year before becoming a part of someone elses life. Yet and still, I continue to think about my ex everyday. The relationship we had was very intense. We both loved each other completely and our bond was crazy. We were each others first loves- Now me and him are barely even in contact but I still can't seem to shake him off. When our relationship ended we kind of just faded away from each other and never had any closure. I'm curious as to whether he still feels the same way or not... Should I write him a closure letter? Should I just get over him and forget about him on my own? Should I fill my current boyfriend in? Should I just shake him off and carry on with my new relationship? I'm totally lost in the sauce. Help!


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  • youre not ready to be in a new relationship,


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  • Imo it's best to not get hooked on the closure thing, sometimes you really don't need to find out why he left, focus on why you did. Since you're already in a relationship, I would not write a closure letter to your ex because it's kind of like 'getting in contact with him and who knows what will happen next'. Have a talk about how you're feeling to your boyfriend, he may have a different idea on how to view things and help you along but no doubt it could also cause some trouble/doubts.

    Depending on your ex, you could hunt him for closure for a whole 10 months and get nothing, you never know if they're going to make any sense or act cold...

    I hope things work out for you.