Should I tell the guy I'm a virgin?

ok so I like this guy and we've been going on casual dates for a couple of weeks now and I feel like its building up to a place where sex is gonna start coming into the picture. I'd prefer to wait a few solid months before we had sex so I was more comfortable but I got a pretty late start unfortunately and now that I'm in uni that's a pretty big ask to have a guy wait that long apparently. should I tell him I'm a virgin and need to take it easy or would that just make things really awkward?


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  • People say crap like waiting for sex is bad... bollocks, you do what you want to do and what you think is right.

    If you are a virgin, and don't want to have sex this early then tell him and don't give in to sexual advances untill you are ready.

    He'll either be a prick and leave you becuase of it, or he'll understand and wait because he's understanding and a gent.

    I'm a virgin, and don't feel bothered by it. Neither should you.


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  • Tell him, it will actually make things less awkward, rather than you trying to find reasons to put it off. If he knows then there won't be any confusion about why it could be taking longer than he expected.

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