Being Ditched Badly Help

Hi, SO I met a kid at a club, he came up to told me I was so cute and asked me what my name was, we wound up going outside and talking all night he then got my number and asked me to dinner the following night and called me as soon as I got home. So the next day I drove up to him and we went out, he asked me on a following date later on in the week, but something didn't seem right about him, he stopped at his house and told me to wait in the car, he just seemed very sketchy, he asked me if I wanted to go to a club with him and his friends so I said yeah, but as the night went on I told him I was just thinking about going home but he was like no please come, so right before we are about to go he takes me to my car since I left it at his house and the picks up his friend, (my house is closer to the club so I was gonna drive there) he tells me to follow him and then when he gets on the highway he completely dips out on me? like I'm not a stupid girl I know when a guy isn't into it but it was just out of the blue, and he hasn't contacted me since. I'm pretty bummed but he did tell me he just broke up his girlfriend of three years, he was constantly talking about while we were out, my friends think there is more to the story about when his friend got in the car but I don't know why would he ask me on another date and bs me and then leave, like I was gonna go home anyways? I don't know help!


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  • I say just forget about him. he does sound like a sketchy guy. you'll meet someone better.