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In the last few months after I broke up with my girlfriend I had dates that I felt can turn to a long term relationship. The last one was the absolute turn off. Basically she said that "let's just stay friends" after kissing the whole day over... My problem is that girls usually say that "I really like you, your appearance, humor and everything, but that spark didn't come." OK, I can understand this. Now I realized that maybe I get into the friend zone very soon. It never was a big thing for me to talk to women as I have more girl-friends from university than guy-friends. I feel absolutely comfortable, and confident on dates, I can always make girls laugh and having a great time. So my question is what should I avoid on dates not to get in to the friend zone? This is something I would like to hear mostly from girls from past experiences, what you ladies think about my problem. Thank you!


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  • Maybe your really treating them lie a friend. Like you shouldn't treat them like you treat the girls in your university so try to avoid doing that stuff I guess. Sorry that's all I've got.

    • Yeah but if I'd like to be with that girl on a long-term I'd like her to be my friend also. Before you'd think you shouldn't imagine that I behave with them like with my friends. More like I'm open and respectful towards them. :/

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    • Yeah it was painful and I was very-very sad for days. :/ It was more shattering than my last break-up because that girl was really special. :/ But thank you very much for your advice! ;)))

    • yupp no probs

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