Idea for a First Hangout

A girl and I are planning to hang out for the first time tomorrow. It's not really a "date," but more of a relaxed and chilled environment. What would be a good idea to make sure that she has a good time and we get to know each other better? I was thinking bowling, possibly.


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  • Well, here are my ideas:

    1) Go ice skating or roller blading (if you can that is)

    2) Go to a movie ('s an okay idea but very obvious)

    3) Go to a mall (figure out what you want to do there first!!)

    4) Go to a fitness center

    5) Go out to eat at a really different restaurant.

    6) Rent a bunch of movies out...hang out at your place...make popcorn...sit on the same couch (nothing physical and don't try it)...and just hang out for three or four's called a MOVIE NIGHT.

    7) Something else that I'm not thinking bad it's not warm outside.


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  • You sound like my friend Jason, haha. He and this girl he likes just hung out in a group cosmic bowling tonight. Relaxed atmosphere, talking, jokes, it went well. I don't know how much you'll get to know her better, but if you go in a group you can talk in the downtime.

  • Well there r several possibilities, be very careful with bowling because a lot of girls could care less about that "sport". Anyway if your looking for really casual go in a group if that sounds more comfortable! you need to ask yourself What kind of girl is she?


    Shopper (the mall)

    Athletic (snowboarding)

    Fun/trooper (bowling)

    There are so many fun places to go with a girl find something that you two have in common and let it show.


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  • Coffee is always a good "casual date". Most people like coffee - and if your girl doesn't, they usually offer tea and other stuff girls like (cookies, pastries, etc). It's also going to be easy on your wallet! Going for coffee is also easy for her, because it's not like you're asking her to meet you in private (yet). Besides, if you take her for coffee, you can "talk" to her more, and find out what she's like

  • If you guys are just hanging out, I'd try maybe like goin out for lunch together or something where you can talk.

    Bowling would work really well too, bring a few mutual friends (if any) and just try to have a great time.