Umm...I think I asked her out too soon?

So I know this girl likes me, I like her a lot too.

But basically, I am 100% sure this girl likes me. she's a pretty shy girl though.

I kinda ignored her when she first approached me last year (she was smiling at me on 2 occasions and I ignored her (by accident))

So I've known her for like 4 months and we have talked like 5-6 times lol...its tough I am shy and so is she.

I basically asked her if she wanted to get something to eat and she shaked her head and rushed to the washroom. We were walking adn she walked faster and faster until she went to the washroom before saying cya later lol. I had to do this since this was like the last day of school.

I feel pretty bad about this...DID I ASK HER OUT TOO SOON?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think you did, maybe she needed to tinkle? Did she shake her head up & down or left to right lol

    • lol left to right...when she shaked her head she wasn't smiling or anything but it was a weird gesture...

      Was wondering, how long do you have to wait to ask a girl out? When is it comfortable for the girl to agree? I think she's shy too btw.

    • Each girl is different, don't just go cold on her lol. Maybe she needs time but you may want to ask her?

What Guys Said 1

  • Everything else aside, no, four months is not too soon. Like Ruzbie said, maybe she really had to go. If you get the opportunity, ask her again.