Should I be worried about what he said?

I have been dating a guy for about a month now and so far he is becoming everything I would have wanted for a guy to be. He is sweet and caring, and he is the nicest and most generous guy I know. And he has told me he loves me. He also calls everyday and when we are together I have had no doubt that he cares for me.

But yesterday while we were out I noticed he was sad. So I asked him what was wrong and he explained to me that the place we were at was somewhere him an his ex used to go to all the time. I asked why it bothered him and he just said he was afraid to run into her. ://the last time I asked if he cared about her still he didn't answer. But from what he has told me, it was his decision to break things off with her.

I have had no reason to question his feelings for me before, but should I worry that he was concerned about seeing his ex? Does this mean that since he may still care for her that he will go back to her? Guys of you can help decipher what may happen, or his thoughts? If this is a red flag that I will get hurt later I want to avoid it and prevent myself from getting really hurt in the future. :(


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  • Well can always find something to worry about..not sure about your man but I never really felt the desire to get back with an ex...could always just avoid that place..and if you bide your time he will probably be willing to discuss her at some point...(:


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  • He probably still cares for her, but that won't necessarily have ramifications on you. He's moving on, right? I'd try and get him to admit it, and make sure he knows I wouldn't end things with him for it. If you know, it'd be much easier on him.

    • Only reason why I'm so scared is that every time a guy has admitted this they break thinfs off with me for that girl. And I'm not even kidding or exaggerating when I say eveytime. :/ I'm really scared though because he is the first guy to say he loves me. But if he truly loved me wouldn't his ex not matter anymore?

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    • A person can love more than one person at once... I dunno, though. I mean, you're going to get a little superstitious if EVERY GUY has done that. I don't get the feeling he will, though; if he says he loves you, you're going to cut more ice than her, I'll guess. You should be alright.

  • You're looking for something wrong with him. Many women do this subconsciously...when they meet a man who is perfect in every way, they think it's too good to be true, so they try to look for one fatal flaw. Don't do it. He was probably just saying he hopes he doesn't see her because he doesn't want to make it awkward for you.


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