My mum won't let me go out with anyone until I'm 18. Any ideas on how I can deal with this?

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My mum won't let me go out with anyone until I'm 18, and people say to just do it behind her back but I get this guilt in my stomach and I just can't do it, I've done it before and I had to dump them because I couldn't lie to my mum. There's this guy that likes me and I like him, but we can't go out, and it's really awkward between us, we hardly talk anymore. I've asked my mum a couple of times but the lady is old-school, she just won't budge on her word. Any ideas on how I can deal with this?


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  • Go out with a group of friends. It's gonna suck not being just the 2 of you, but it's also better than not going out at all.

    • Yeah true. The thing is, he's so quite around me, I'll see him hang with his friends like a normal guy but when I step in he doesn't utter a word. We talked a little on the last day of school but that's because my friends ambushed us ha ha but I hope that when I go back we will start talking again. My friend was talking to him, and he said that he's never felt so scared to talk to me because he really likes me. Yes, it's flattering but I just wish he had some confidence. It's very uncomfortable

    • I'm the same as the poor fellow. But something that can get us to talk, is for you to ask questions. Then after a while, he'll become more comfortable and he'll talk a lot more.

    • I was one of those friends ;) Just saying... :) hahaha

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