How do I get my boyfriend to text me more?

I know this sounds a bit weird, & I'm not into games or anything, but I'm not sure what to do. He's not much of a texter & we're in a long distance relationship. We talk on the phone every day to every other day & we're really good communicating that way, but I like to tell him things WHEN they happen. Like, this morning my mom said something funny about what I was wearing, & I wanted to share that with him, I texted him, but no response (honestly, I wasn't expecting much of a response).

Usually later on in the day he'll call me, I'll ask him if he got my text, he'll say, "Yes" & then respond to it. I found that I'm texting my guy friend a lot more than my boyfriend because he actually acknowledges me when I text him.

Him not texting me back makes me less inclined to share things that happen in my life. I feel that if I stop sharing as much, he won't share as much on the phone & we'll drift apart (especially because it's long distance).

Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks in advance!


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  • Guys aren't natural communicators. I think you shouldn't expect him to be chatty like a girl.

    You can try telling him you'd like to get more texts from him, but honestly, I think this is just a weird fixation you have and you should let it go.


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  • You could try... asking him to text you more? Just tell him how you feel about it, it's simple.

  • By not worrying so much about texting but focus on the relationship you have with him


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