I don't feel like I'm ready to date, yet I'd still like to meet new people, flirt and get to know new guys....

...and I've heard so many complain about people "looking," while not wanting a serious relationship and some guys seem to want to be exclusive right from the beginning.

Any advice? Should I be upfront? Or only breech the topic as necessary and what's the best way to talk about it, when it does come up?

Quite frankly I've had a string of liars and I'm just not really wanting to fully, "trust," anyone...


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  • Yeah, I'd just be upfront about it. At least then people can drop the act, if they've got one, but more than that, it means you're not misleading anyone and they know where you're at from the start. I think I'd prefer that. I mean who likes being led on? Am I right?


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