Should I text him to wish him a happy birthday?

Hi, I know what I shall do but would like to hear what you have to say anyway... If 2 people have relationships with someone else (but you two attracted to each other), is it creepy or else if I message him just to wish him a happy birthday if we haven't talked for 7 mos? Would that be awkward for him? Explain your reason(s) please.


I plan not to even bother to message him wishing him a happy birthday in June. I yahooed him to ask him a favor for a "friend" for more in-depth info; he replied back cold, indifferent, and too "business-like". So, screw him; can't believe I still have a strong feeling for him. I intend to moving on (still trying hard).

Thx everyone for your time to answer and read my post. Take care. Have a great Summer!


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  • does he have FaceBook? I say happy birthday to people on my FaceBook I rarely talk to but I have so many FB friends that I get a birthday come up at least twice a week, I even say happy birthday to an old girl friend every now and than but most of the time I don't get a direct response because so many people do that on FB.

    if someone I admired said to me even if we for what ever reason could not be together I would be happy to hear from them and perhaps start a conversation.

    note: I'm single so if that happened to me it would not be weird in any way.

    • he has FB, but I'm not in it (sad); Long story short, he was a patient at this facility I work at so you see why I'm not on his.Thx for your reply

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    • Sure if you'd like too

    • my account name starts with a K and has 156 in it.

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  • so long as it's not with a sexy pic I don't see any harm.

  • A simple Happy Birthday? Nope. I don't find that creepy. But you'll know if he wants to continue talking by the way he replies...if that's what you're looking for. Since it's been 7months...

    • Thank you.

      just a friendly Happy Birthday if nothing else, yes. I did CALLED him last year to wish him same...

  • What's wrong with that, You said your both attracted to each other. I would take that as a compliment .

    • The problematic is he has a girlfriend (at least was last time I heard).

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    • He has a girlfriend and you have to respect that, He's probably trying to be loyal to his girl and that's what a good man does. You can't go after him, If he feels he doesn't want the relationship and he goes after you than let it happen that way.

    • Thx for reminding me. That's why I strongly resolve to forget him. If he doesn't want my friendship, life goes on...

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