Why do I not feel the spark? Why do I not feel the warmth?

So basicly me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3weeks and I do like him but I don't feel the spark or warmth when I hug him or kiss him? should i? why don't i? is this normal? someone please help me?:(


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  • Sorry, but that may be that. Even in the best of relationships, the spark may well need re-kindling after a year or so. But if it goes out after three weeks, it was not really there to begin with. Does other evidence suggest that you have a normal or above-average sex drive? If so, you just have not found the right man. One other thing: women can be quite cerebral, so don’t be surprised if you find that the man who really gets you off has a mind even more beautiful than his pecs. Good luck. X x x

    • i never had the spark that's why I'm asking if it will come? thanks thou:) xxx

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