What does it mean when someone asks you if it's OK to hurt you?

Let say it's someone who you've hurt and they ask you if it's O.K if they hurt you. What does this mean?

Thanks for all the answers. To sum it all up I just think it's odd that someone would ask. In a way I sense that maybe that person loves me more than I realize. If it were me I would either get revenge without asking, forgive them or say it's all cool, or just stop talking to them ever again. Usually I would just say it's cool.

Again thanks for all your contributions.


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  • LOL it means there gonna f*** your sh*t up now that your back and you care, when you didn't before.. rofl How do you not get that?! ROFL At least she's telling you straight

    Okay... Lamborghini Mercy... your chick... she so thirsty (Swerve)

    I'm in that two seat Lambo with your girl... she trying to jerk me (Swerve)

    {some lyrics you might like}

    And sorry for the laughter but that's toooo funny

    • Well the question threw me off. I never expect anyone to ask me "Is it OK if I hurt you?" Seems like an odd thing to ask. If you want revenge then bring it on or say it "I'll hurt you like you've hurt me!"

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    • Actually I would go with torturing, Viking style. Killing is mercy. A person who've pissed me off to the point where I don't care for them doesn't deserve mercy.

    • yea. your wasteing your time. Have a great day linguine.

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  • One of two things, either they are asking if it is OK to hurt you since you hurt them, in a literal sense, or metaphorically speaking, as in, " how would you like it if I hurt you the way you hurt me?

    • Lol then why not ask that? How do you think it feels if I hurt you.

  • It could mean they are asking you indirectly if you think it's okay that you hurt them!

    • Terrible way of asking me indirectly. >.>

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    • You don't think do you? You are making a judgement and trying to pass it off as being nice. How do you think babies ever become adults?

      Btw, you can search for this but we don't ever stop growing. We grow each and every day. Growth is not about age but about gaining and losing. No one is ever a grown up and no one is ever a child. Again do think before you speak and make a judgement. If you don't understand this then there's no point in further discussing this.

    • Your ignorance is beyond me. Some people are narrow minded forever. :]

      Have a nice day.

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  • Doesn't sound good.

    Ask that person why they want to hurt you. Get them to talk and ask why they feel like it.

    If it's a case of revenge, act cool and be a good guy. And talk things through.

  • You better watch your back; it does not sound good. It sounds like blackmail or something disturbing will turn up.

  • Well, it could mean any of these three things

    1: You kicked his/her ass, and he/she wants to kick your ass in return.

    2: You hurt his/her feelings/pride/emotions, and he/she wants to do the same to you

    3: A combination of the first two.

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