Are we too opposite to be together?

The guy I like is a bit of a 'stoner' I guess, and the skater type. Where as I'm kind of preppy.


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  • When you grow older, you'll realize that these subcultures are just groups we join because we're terrified of being different.

    Look at each others personalities. Are your differences complementary, or will they cause friction? If it's the first, go for it.


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  • Skaters good, stoners bad. Sorry to enter the forty-year pot propaganda war, in which stooges of the drug trade have tried to pass off dope as non-addictive. A stoner is an addict, and he needs help. Assuming you want a relationship and not a nursing job, show him the door. It would do him no harm to tell him why. Drugs aside, you need not confine yourself to “preppy” types in your future dating choices. Good luck. x x x

  • doesn't matter, if you are attracted to him. go for it.

    It'll be a live and learn experience.


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