I've been dating my boyfriend for 8 months and I'm head over heels for a guy in my school... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

iv been dating my boyfriend for 8months, yes I love him but I'm not feeling anything, and he always says if I dumped him he'd prob lose it and kill himself.. or be really sad. and here I'm stuck in this situation where I like this guy from my school.. alott.. we always hang and hug each other, and I'm litterally falling in love with him but I don't know what to do... I don't wanna hurt my boyfriend, but I don't wanna be living in a relashionship that I don't feel anything.. PLEASE HELP!):


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  • There are probably only one in every 1000 or more people who marry the person they have dated before they got out pf HS. With that being said, I would bet lunch that you will not marry either of these guys. Just keep in mind that what you do now in relationships will carry in to new relationships in one way or another so practice what you want your future husband to do to you. Fidelity is paramount and "stacking" boyfriends is a dirty game.


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