First kiss question homie?

I went on a date with this awesome girl we had a great time at the end of night she gave me one those hugs like she never wanted to let me go so I went in for the kiss and it was great. however she caught me off guard when she came in again, this time with some tongue. don't get me wrong I was ecstatic I assumed it was just going to be a peck because I was taking it slow, due to the fact she has a purity ring and is really into church. I was pleasantly surprised and turned on, yet felt a little awkward because it caught me off guard. What I was wondering is if you think any of it could have transferred, and if so did I blow it? she seemed all smiles but I'm not sure. also how do I approach her now, do I kiss her the next time I see her? she's coming to see me perform on Monday and I don't want things to be weird. I really like this girl, yet I'm rather in experienced and don't want to mess things up.


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  • Just act normal, if you pretend you did nothing wrong (which you didn't), all should be fine, kiss her on the forehead or the cheek if you feel you need to kiss her and she is skeptical, if not, kiss her on the lips. Good luck!


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