How often do you talk between the first few dates?

We met and went on a date that day. He texted me a few days later and wanted to see me again. Now we have plans to see each other in 2 days. In our texts we did chat a bit too and he initiated the contact after the date.

But we aren't talking every day throughout the day.

Since we only had one date and don't know each other well yet is this still okay? He's the one asking me for plans and he told me he had fun with me.

He took me out for lunch, it wasn't a bootycall thing.


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  • He sounds like a decent guy if he is not making booty calls.

    Sounds like he is interested in who you are. If you are really interested in him go on a date, how else are you going to get to know one another. One more piece of advice, don't expected him to do all the make plans for dates. Maybe you will be talking everyday if you pick up the phone and call him. Show him how much of a woman you can be without being pushy of course. Hope your next date is great!

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