Should I text him? or not..

So this guy sent me a friend request on Facebook and I did not know him but I knew of him if that makes any

Well he messages me on there and we talked for awhile and he gave me his number to text him. We texted that whole night and it mainly just fun flirty stuff but he never replied back but it was late so I figured he fell asleep. It's been a few days and I thought about texting him just to talk and he was fun to talk to though I don't know if I should I don't wanna bother him...what do yall think?


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  • Text him I had meet this girl I like on Facebookand we usto text a lot but now we really don't it makes me sad cause I like her but she never wants to text me it's always me texting he to try to talk I mite get a reply but the conversations won't last long now. A guy really Estes for the girl to text first so we don't feel like we are being clinninige. I hope this helps you


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