"I just didn't feel like it."

I blasted a guy at work for not calling when he was supposed to (to meet our project deadline) and he said he didn't call because he "just didn't feel like it." This confused me as it wasn't a social call, it was for work. He's usually very professional and it was crunch time. He knew that.

I calmed down almost immediately, figuring something was wrong -- maybe at home -- but when I asked he just said that he couldn't keep working with me because he's "not in that place anymore".

What place?

I'm stumped as to what he's talking about. He's still on the project, but we've always worked well together and I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong that he's saying this sort of thing to me. Most reliable guy I know, who will do nearly anything needed at the drop of a hat; I don't want to lose him as he's great to work with and understands the way I think.



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  • The best guess I can give you for what he meant by all this is simply that he is not in the mental or emotional state to deal with working with you anymore. He's not in that state of mind, and he no longer cares. He just doesn't feel like it. Though I find it kinda interesting that he said this, and equally interesting that you don't get it, because every time I've seen someone say something like this it was usually a girl.

    Anyway I don't see how you're going to get him back on track, but I suggest you keep trying to ask him what's going on, and why he suddenly shifted his behavior. If you did that already I say keep trying, because quite honestly, I got nothing else to offer you.


    • Funny that I've never heard a girl say that before, just this guy, lol. I don't see what emotions would have to do with it unless he's stressed by something else. Whatever the issue, he seems to be fine otherwise, and even worked with me after saying that, but I know he's not a guy of many words, so the fact that he said this tells me something's up.

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    • Lie being the operative word. lol but yeah I guess.

    • LOL.

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