Would his close friend do this?

Alright this might be a bit confusing but please just read. Okay, so me and this guy used to chat on Facebook and text each other, we had a thing I guess. Then we just stopped talking. He still stares at me but we don't say anything. Now I think I'm starting to like is close friend. I know his close friend knows we had a bit of a thing. His close friend and I laugh, joke around and talk a lot. He also looks at me a lot. I'm just wondering would his friend get into a thing with me or would it be awkward because of his close friend. Also yes, I still like the guy I was texting a lot but I think I might like his close friend as well and I know I need to move on. So would his friend get into a thing with me? Thanks!


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  • Go for it if it don't workout with his fiends