How To Fix Things With A Guy I Just Met?

So I've had a crush on this guy and he happened to find out and basically said if we knew each other better he would date but me then this happened...

1) my friend asked him to a dance for me (we barely knew each other) he said no but he still wants to talk to me

-After that incident I kind of avoided him (which I always do) however two days later he was coming my way (idk if he wanted to talk to me) but I turned away and walked very fast the other way..Don't ask me why I just got really nervous and walked away. Now what should I do? Should I leave things and move on or apologize to him (first real convo) and try to befriend him?


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  • It can be really nerve-racking trying to talk to the one person you like the most. My advice is to first find the nerve to approach him and be sincere about it. If you approach him and appologize (yet do it again later) it might make him biased about forgiving you for the next time. I'm sure that you are sincere so let me clarify what I mean; until you are comfortable enough about approaching him / talking to him / etc - I do not advise trying to make an approach to appologize.

    Once you are ready to do so - walk up to him and ask him if he has a minute. By asking, you are trying to show that you DO want to talk, while at the same time, you will know if he's upset with you or not. Most likely it won't be a problem and all will work out, so don't psych yourself out too early. After you pull him to the side to talk, just let him know that you panicked when he approached you; that you don't know why you ran away, you just had to because it was too much pressure at one moment between her friend trying to set you two up/etc.

    If this guy acts like a punk ("Why should I care" / "I'm not your pity party" / etc) don't sulk about it - the truth of the matter is that some people are ready for a long term relationship; and it sounds like you've wanted that from this guy for quite some time based off of your first sentence (and this question). If he's not willing to be a good sport, then maybe you should congratulate yourself that you did what you did at that point in time.

    Good luck, I'm sure it will all work out - just remember, take your time and wait until you are truly ready to take the first step.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • thank you so much you just gave the best answer I have ever gotten!

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