Is this a good plan, boys?

I have a crush on a total stranger, so say you don't really know her but you go to the same school and she's really pretty.

She says:

Hi, I'm __. What's your name? And asks you about what grade you're in, how you like school, and then said "Oh well I have to go, but we should talk again, John (or your name).. See you around." And she handed you a sheet of paper that said 'You're cute =) 888-1821'

Would you text her? Talk to her the next time you saw her?


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  • I would probably call her rather than text her.


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  • Awesome!

    If some cute girl came up to me and did that, my head would be spinning for like an hour, at least. Yeah, it's a great plan. I love it, and yes I would totally contact her and talk to her in the halls, but then again I've never been one to play it safe.

    Go for it. He'll love it.

  • I would probably Text her who I am and then call her.


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