Asking a girl to hang out that you have not seen in a while?

is it wrong or creepy to ask a girl to hangout if you have not seen her in a while? there's a girl I liked last semester I know she liked me for a while.. but changed her mind. I have not seen her in a couple months now. I have texted her and she responds but has been kinda short lately. I don't text her often so I'm not really being desperate or clingy when I do talk to her.

I have kinda missed talking to her, and was thinking of asking her to hang out? is it too weird at this point? or should I just text her as its really doing no harm- and if she says no or something, well then least I tried.


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  • Actually your NOT clingy at all.. Clingy is saying "I need you like I need oxygen.. you can't leave my side" lol your just wanting to hang out and in fact that is actually FLATTERING and NOT clingy. I think people jump to conclusions too quick.

    If she doesn't want to hang out don't assume anything she may be busy or have a boyfriend. But if she does wanna hang out than there you go. Just don't expect anything that way you won't be dissappointed and if she likes you, you'll know it.

    And no it's not weird asking her to hang out it could give her a hint that you kinda like her and it could open your friendship up again


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