Should I text him again?

I sleep with this guy at least once a month, but lately so much has been going on we Haven't met up.

I saw him outside the club and he was like ha ha it seems like I Haven't seen you in 5 years no wait just 6 weeks. and looking back it was 6 weeks. So I messaged him a day later asking him when he's free, but my phone was kind of screwed up so I don't know if he messaged me back cause I didn't get any messages for 2 hours.

This week I see him again at the club. he acted distant and later I saw him hooking up with another girl. He saw me but didn't say anything.

He saw me hooking with a guy once.

We pretty much just have no strings attached sex. He's seeing someone and I don't want to be in a relationship.

Should I message him again or just leave it alone?


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  • If he's seeing someone then don't text him again. Don't ruin his relationship so you can have no strings attached sex.

  • Leave it alone. He's already hooking up with another girl, in which you have seen with your own eyes.

    If he wanted sex from you, he would call/text.

    He's pretty much done, from what you're saying here.