Problem communicating with girl during dating?

Hi. I have been chasing a girl for about 2 months. So far everything is going on well. However I start to realize that they way we communicate is not very good. Like when I sms her to start a conversation, her reply is one sentence and hard to reply back; and when we chat face to face, our conversation does seems to 'flow'. I am certain that she likes me because she hinted me in a letter she wrote to me and I want to develop further with her. However, I know that communication is important in relationship and it is a pity if I have to give her up just because we face problems with communication. Is she shy or does she find my conversation boring? Can anyone advise me on what should I do to communicate better with her? Thanks! :)


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  • I'm going through a similar thing right now and I don't want to lose this girl. Although I'm pretty sure she likes me back. I've taken her on a few dates, but it doesn't really feel like were dating yet so I'm just gonna go straight out next time were together and talk about us. Have you gone on any dates with her?

    • Hi DrPain. I am not sure if this is consider a date, I have brought her out on her birthday for a meal with only two of us. It went on good at first, but after a while we sort of 'ran out' of things to say. Have been feeling very frustrated since. How long have you been dating her?

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    • To say the truth I am unsure of starting a relationship when I first ask her out for. Anw, thanks for answering my qn!

    • Hey! so how is your date with your girl?

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